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What's it all about?

A podcast for parents and educators about the best way to support people living with specific learning difficulties.

Do you, your partner, your child, a relative or a student of yours grapple with an identified (or suspected) Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD)? Knowing what to do next can be scary.

But……you’re not alone.

About dys podcast

Specific learning disabilities / differences / disorders / difficulties … whatever you call them, they DO exist and colour the lives of people everywhere. Dyscastia is a podcast for people who live with any of the Dys family; whether they have a Dys themselves, parent a child with a Dys, have a partner with a Dys or teach people with a Dys. So, which Dys’s are we talking about? You’ve guessed it – Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia. We call these the 3Ds.

Michael Shanahan and Bill Hansberry are both specialist teachers of students who live with a Dys or more than one Dys. They both run thriving practices and bring their own thoughts and experience to you, as well as the unique perspectives of others whose lives are touched by Specific Learning Difficulties and the additional difficulties that can come with.

dyscastia (n.)

“a difficulty in podcasting due to a condition of the brain,” from Greek dys- “bad, abnormal, difficult” (see dys-) + cast + past participle of cast (v.). Figurative sense “widely spread” is recorded by 1785. As an adverb from 1832. Modern media use began with radio (1922, adjective and noun). As a verb, 1829 in a figurative sense, 1921 in reference to radio. + abstract noun ending -ia.

About Bill Hansberry

Bill is one of the directors of Fullarton House – Assessment, Therapy and Teaching in Adelaide, South Australia. Bill specialises in teaching students with Dyslexia and runs training for schools in the area of Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs) and The Science of Reading. Bill runs the popular Teaching Students with Dyslexia (TSD) suite of training for Specialist Multisensory Literacy Teachers.  Bill co-developed The Playberry Dyslexia Solutions Multisensory Literacy Program which is used in Schools and centres across Australia as a tier 3 intervention program. Bill also co-developed the Word Cracker suite of morphology resources with Sally Andrew.

About Michael Shanahan

Michael is the director of Dyslexic Strengths, a specialist reading and maths tutoring service and Adelaide, South Australia.  He developed a passion for supporting kids with reading and maths when he and his own kids were identified with SLDs. Since then, he has completed the highly regarded  Teaching Students with Dyslexia (TSD) training run by Bill, Sally Andrew and Karen Hodson as well as specialist dyslexia and dyscalculia tutor training. He is also a registered tutor with SPELD SA.

If you are in South Australia, Michael maintains a directory of tutors on his website South Australian Literacy Specialists (Dyslexia) Register.

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